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Abbey Road: All-Star Beatles Rock Orchestra is a labor of love for what are essentially six of the hardest working musicians in Chicago. Add to that their significant list of Grammy® winning and recording artist guests – as well as their added string, brass, and woodwind players to represent the Beatles' orchestral component – and you have passionate musicians that want to give back to audiences everywhere what The Beatles gave to them. To coin a phrase: “The love you take is equal to the love you make.”


The Beatles were four self-taught musicians from Liverpool who revolutionized popular music by creating astonishing and innovative songs in what became a multi-genre landscape while consistently reinventing themselves – all within the span of a single decade.


Abbey Road is literally ‘The Room Where It Happened’ under the tutelage of their inspired mentor Sir George Martin, who was initially as unlikely the producer of a rock group as The Beatles were a recording act. But each saw something in each other that sparked undeniable creative magic. Not only did the sacred ground of Abbey Road studios produce the most famous results in all of pop music history, the lads from Liverpool often became inspired to create song ideas right there, as they and their mentor collectively turned the recording studio into a well-tuned instrument in its own right.


Abbey Road is dedicated to the faithful re-creation of The Beatles catalog with stunning note-for-note accuracy. “This Rock Band with its Chamber Orchestra is incredibly authentic and will put goosebumps on your goosebumps! They are astonishing, stunning, and the real deal.”– John Vernon, Illinois Entertainer. ABBEY ROAD – The Room Where It Happened. The end result is astonishing, and most definitely, "A Splendid Time Is Guaranteed for All!"


Members of Abbey Road are Steve Kikoen (Deacon Blues, Big Suit, Supernatural, Prognosis, Great Pretenders, The Deacons, Time Zone), Jay Goeppner (Backdated, Instant Karma), Frank Canino (Rosie & The Rivets, American English), Shawn Sommer (Maggie Speaks), Ben Lewis (Deacon Blues, Big Suit, Supernatural, Time Zone, Lt. Dan Band), Adrian Ruiz, and Chris "Bean" Weng (The Bad Examples).The Revolution Horns are Chuck Parrish (Ray Charles), John Bowes (Prognosis), and Rich Lapka (Deacon Blues) andThe Kaleidoscope Strings are Olya Prohorova (Fugu Dugu), Dessi Nenova, Emi Tanabe (Cover Girls), Ani Moravec (Cover Girls) and Emma Lyn, with special guest appearances at selected performances by Winston O'Boogie.

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